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Hosur Trick

Long ago, there was a little town called Hosur, bordering Bangalore. It was a little town, with not many industries. Major industries of Tamilnadu were situated elsewhere.

By that time, Karnataka had its major industries situated in Bangalore. Then Tamilnadu decided it was time to set up more industries. So they selected Hosur, which is not in the centre of Tamilnadu, but very very close to Karnataka. If anyone wonders that this is not a good decision, we will explain why it was a very cunning decision, taken by people who are cunning themselves.

When you set up industry, people are required to work, they need houses to live in. They need drinking water, education and health facilities. This needs money and time to create. But, if only there is already a place where all these are available, you could save so much money and efforts, and just reep the benifits of the industries.

Here, just a few miles across the border is Bangalore, with its facilities in place. How about using that? Anyway, the people in Bangalore are too timid and too much pre-occupied in their own silly caste politics to worry about any outsiders who comes to take advantage of them, right? Right!

So there it is now. Hosur, with major industries, with all excise and other revenue going to the state of Tamilnadu, with burden on Bangalore's resources. The workers live in Bangalore, drink Bangalore's water, cause pollusion by travelling to Hosur, take space in Bangalore's schools. Then by being in Bangalore for sufficient number of years, they have domicile in Karnataka and then they join Engineering colleges, and that is it.

Can you think of a better place than Hosur? I can't!

Then there are roads from Hosur to Bangalore, wide roads with numerous lanes to FACILITATE and encourage this rape of Bangalore. All funded by central government and Tamilnadu.

If you think that Bangalore is the only place they are occupying, you are wrong. All surrounding places are also full of these Tamilians. Jigani, Anekal, etc are full of these people who just stay there, create problems, cause severe strain on resources, and of course, all revenues from these industries go to Tamilnadu.

If my biology lessons serve me right, these creatures are called PARASITES. That is what they are, parasites. Living off someone elses resources to flourish. Unless they are weeded out, the host dies.

Just stand in a major intersection in Bangalore, and observe the buses that go by. See to which state these buses belong. If you have any prode, your blood will boil. All have one destination - Tamilnadu. All going to Hosur, Attibele, etc. Why so many buses? So that these unwanted guests can travel, work in Hosur, and prosper at the cost of Bangalore's resources.

Then there is Titan. Famous watch manufacturer. All the big shots of Titan live in Bangalore, work for Tamilnadu.

Friends, there is no end to these tales of humiliations we are suffering. We are being skinned alive so that some one else can live. When we spend enormous amount of money to bring Cauvery water to Bangalore, it is meant for our people, and at least people who add to karnataka's economy. It was not meant for providing drinking water facility to Tamilnadu. If they want to set up industries, THEY have to spend money and get all the civic facilities, not live off some one else. But, they, true to their salt, have always shown that they are pests.

In addition, the extra load on Bangalore has been showing its effects. We don't have to suffer added pollution because the neighbouring states want to flourish. There is a price to pay for industrialisation, and we need not graciously accept to bear the burden of other states also.

Just a few days ago, the transportation minister of karnataka stated that new negotiations are being held with adjacent states, and that as a result, it will allow MORE buses from these states to run in Karnataka.

There is a train that goes from Mysore to Tanjore in Tamilnadu. Why? So that the people from Tamilnadu can now settle in Mysore too. While the train facilities WITHIN Karnataka is pathetic, there is no dearth of trains connecting Bangalore from all parts of India. There are more than six DAILY trains to Madras.

All governments have taken us for granted. We are being duped, and we have been sleeping all this while. We need to tell our MLAs and MPs that they will pay dearly if they do not take up our cause.

Write articles in news papers. Tell your friends about these issues. Some of our people do not even know there are problems, and that is the worst problem. Just because we happen to have jobs does not mean that the next generation can live happily. There are all dangers of loosing our living if we dont strike back.

Sirigannadam Gelge

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