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Need for a local party.

Need for a local political party in Karnataka

When the British left India fifty years ago, each of the princely states was given the following choices :

1. Join India 2. Join Pakistan 3. Remain independent

The then Maharaja of Mysore (Mysore was later named Karnataka) was the FIRST to join India. This shows that always people of Mysore state were patriots and thought of the whole country. Some states had to be "coerced" to join India, and "police action" was taken on a few states that wanted to join Pakistan.

The same patriotism is still prevailing in the people of Karnataka. Almost all people agree that they have never seen the broadmindedness exhibited by people of Karnataka. People of all languages are allowed to come, get employment, conduct businesses and flourish.

The people of karnataka have always voted National Parties like Congress, Janatha Dal and Bharatiya Janatha Party to power. Some small local parties have come to existence, but to be utterly defeated in elections. They promptly vanished, or exist on paper.

Take Tamilnadu. They have always been voting regional parties like the DMK or ADMK to power. Congress and other national parties have failed miserably in winning seats in Tamilnadu.

This patriotism has been rewarded with betrayal and tyranny by these National Parties. So far, none of these so called National Parties have shown either respect or encouragement to the people of Karnataka. The patriotism shown has been answered with a slap in the face.

1. Take railways. Tamilnadu always had more broad gauge railway than Karnataka. More tracks electrified. It took almost fifty years after independence to get the Bangalore-Mysore route converted to broad gauge.

2. Take mass communication media. Madras has AM, FM, and Short-wave stations. Bangalore has a AM station only.

3. Take television. Madras has two stations (or is it three?) Bangalore has one. This one too spends most of its time telecasting Delhi programs. The time allotted to Kannada programs is miniscule.

The list can go on. In each and every field, other states have been favoured over Karnataka.

So, the moral of the story is that if you have a local party voted to power, they will use their voice to get all resources for their state. The MPs of tamilnadu, whichever party comes to power in Center will play a crucial role in the stability of the government. As everyone knows, this is a very important role to play. A party with just 12 MPs can make the government to dance to their tunes. DMK did it when United Front ruled. ADMK is doing it now with BJP government.

If the real needs of people of Karnataka are to be met, we need a strong regional party. Not Karnataka Congress. But a party based strongly on the belief that nothing short of overall growth of ALL PARTS OF KARNATAKA, Kannada language is acceptable.

This party should make it sure that the interests of people of Karnataka will be zealously guarded, at all costs. That we will get OUR FAIR SHARE of Cauvery water. That we will not be bullied by Tamilnadu or a Hindiwala or anyone else. That Kasargodu will belong to Karnataka, not to kerala. That Kannada language will reign supreme, not Hindi or Tamil. That people of Karnataka get jobs and will live happily. That we respect all languages, but will worship Kannada and other languages spoken in Karnataka. That we will not resort to violence, but will be firm of purpose. That this is our natural right, and no one can take it away from us. That Karnataka will not be a hideout for terrorists from other states. That Tamils can not threaten to blow up K.R.S dam.

Only when we have such a regional party can we be really happy. We will not be able to lift our heads in pride until WE GOVERN OUR DESTINY, and do not depend on charity of others for our development.

Huyilagola Narayana Rao sang "Udayavagali Namma Cheluva Kannada Naadu" We shall sing "Udayavaagali Namma Shakthishaali Kannada Naadu"

If we are firm of purpose, this can be done easily. This does not need magic, this needs strong will from us all, the sons and daughters of our Mother Bhuvaneshvari.

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