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Why    this    fight?

Karnataka (then Mysore) state has always been a prosperous state. Good rains and numerous rivers made good agricultural yield possible. The far sightedness of the King of Mysore resulted in the first hydro electric station in India being built in Karnataka.

This resulted in gradual industrialization of Karnataka. After 1947, the governments that came to power in Karnataka gave importance to industries. This along with good labor relations resulted in major industries being setup in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka.

With these industries came an influx of people from all states of India, but notable from the nearby Tamilnadu, Andhra and Kerala. This suddenly found job market prompted people from these states to come en mass to Karnataka.

The people of Karnataka, always welcoming of people of all origins, welcomed these people and allowed them to settle in Karnataka and prosper.

However, these people who arrived into karnataka were of another mentality, always fanatically involved with their culture, language, etc. Once they had sufficient number of people with them, they started systematically to crush the very culture that allowed them to settle in karnataka.

Now, fifty years after independence, the people of karnataka have to fight for jobs, and basic courtesy from these visitors. The situation at the moment is grim, with more than fifty percent of people in Bangalore speaking languages other than Kannada. Most jobs are taken up by them, and blatant discrimination is done while hiring people - Kannada speaking people are kept out of jobs by a sinister design. The elected representatives of the state of karnataka have been useless in doing anything about this. The ministers and chief ministers thus far have done nothing, and in fact, do things that worsen the situation.

What needs to be done?

The government some years ago instituted a commission to do a detailed study and submit a report. This commission was chaired by Dr. Sarojini Mahishi. After a detailed study of the pathetic situation, the commission submitted its report, which can be summarized as follows:

The jobs were divided into a few categories, and in each it was recommended that a given percent of jobs be provided to people from Karnataka.

Even after almost 10 years, THE RECOMMENDATIONS HAVE NOT BEEN IMPLEMENTED. The governments that ruled Karnataka have behaved with no sense of shame in this regard. They have betrayed the people of Karnataka.

So what now?

Since the elected members of the government has shown that they are shameless creatures, it is now left to the people of Karnataka to fight. There is a need for an organized fight to give a lethal blow to the evil designs that are damaging the wellbeing of the people of karnataka.

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