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Kannada language today is damaged by people who migrate from other 
states to work in Karnataka. These aliens refuse to speak kannada 
even after living in Karnataka for several years. These are  people 
who cause more damage to our language and culture than what British 
did to India and Indian culture. 
Let us examine their attitude a bit, before we go any further.
They are easily distinguished from the rest of folks. They work in 
high-tech companies. When you see them in a coffee shop / grocery store,
you can see that they don't utter a word in kannada, even with 
the server of the restaurant or the boy who packs stuff at the
grocers. Watch closely, they would be talking in Tamil or other
language very freely. When anyone confronts them with a question as 
to why they wouldn't speak in kannada, the answer is simple, 
"Why should I ?". 
When I was working in a Computer company in Bangalore, one of my colleagues
and myself were talking in kannada in the break room. The group of
colleagues (hailing from other parts , especially from Tamil Nadu)
looked at us, as though we committed a crime by talking in Kannada.
The looks turned slowly into a contemptuous whisper among themselves.
Who on earth can tolerate such a behavior from colleagues ?
We continued our conversation with an escalated tone to dampen their
spirits a bit.
Here is what kannadigas should do :
1. It is these people who have to be taught a lesson by forcing their 
managements to kick them out if they refuse/ to learn the basics of 
kannada language within 6 months. 
2. All the companies(IT and other sectors included) should be warned 
to train their new hired work force from other states to learn 
and communicate in Kannda. 
3. The apathy they show when you speak kannada in IT companies has 
to be curbed. They should not let the workers speak Tamil instead 
of English. They shouldn't be allowed to display disregard for the 
kannada speaking people in public places.

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