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Whose fault is this, anyway ?

"If we kannadigas don't speak kannada, will people in England, France or Germany speak it ?" were the opening remarks made by Late Shri Khadri Shamanna,a renowned journalist and Editor of Kannada daily "Kannada Prabha". He was addressing a gathering of students in my home town way back in 1977. I was a student too listening to him. A thunderous applause and cheers from the crowd followed those statements on that day.

His words echoed in my ears for a long time after that. I realized that Mr. Shamanna was not making a laugh-and-forget joke. He was actually warning the Kannadigas about the erosion and degenaration of their beloved mother tongue.

Almost two decades after that great speech, i look back and see how right his words were in the present context of the language. The continued apathy by successive state govts and riding influence of other languages have devastated our language like the encroachments that have depleted Green forests of Malnad.

Few attempts have been made to resurrect the language and its culture, but had little or no success due to political affiliations and pressures. Small organizations that do have good intentions have been suppressed by politicians, who have scant regard for the cause of kannada.

Thus today Kannada has entered a phase of "fight for survival". Its upto us(common people) to create an awareness and prevent those vested interests from totally crippling our language. This propaganda should evolve into a mission and annhilate those who come in its way. That's the only way we can save our beloved language.

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