Who    is    being    fanatical?

One sentence that one hears in Bangalore is this : "There is no need to know Kannada to live in Bangalore"

This is the reason quoted by all our friends from other states who have managed to get good jobs, or run businesses in Bangalore, for not speaking Kannada and never making an attempt to learn the language.

So, my question is, if it was MADE necessary to learn Kannada to live in Bangalore, how would they react.

A few weeks ago, the Kannada Development Authority, with the help of Police, forced shop owners in and around the M.G road area to put up signs prominently in Kannada. Actually, there is a law that has been passed by the Karnataka Assembly in this regard, that states that any business establishment should display boards prominently in Kannada. This is fully legal and protected by the constitution of India.

Now let us see the reaction of the "outsiders" Soon after this was done, there were letters to the editors of almost all English newspapers. The main theam of all these letters was that

1. It is a fanatical act 2. The Kannada Development Authority has no legal right to do this. 3. The shopkeepers' right is being invaded

Let us see. The boards in English were not removed. In fact, the chairman of the Authority stated clearly that it was not a move for "Kannada only boards", but "Kannada mainly boards".

Since English boards have not been removed, the people who have not still learnt to read rudimentary Kannada are not affected in any way. They can still read the English boards, and get on with their business. So what has been done is that it is made possible for a man who knows only Kannada (Is there something wrong with that?) to read the signs and carry on with HIS business.

Then, why this hue and cry? They have not been affected in anyway.

So, who is being fanatical? The local Kannada people, or the outsiders?

These people claim that they do not learn Kannada because "It is not necessary" in Bangalore. When boards are forced to be in Kannada ALSO, they make so much noise. Any half witted person can see easily that the reason they offer is not true.

THEY DO NOT WANT TO LEARN KANNADA. PERIOD. Does this not make THEM fanatical?

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