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The National Language Tyranny

Soon after Independence, people of North India thought of a clever and sinister idea to force south Indians to learn their language. And thus Hindi, a language spoken in two or three states in North India, was made the national language.

People of North India have always had a feeling of superiority. Some people popularized the idea that the North Indians were "Aryans" and that they came to India from else where. Indians have always been, and even today are very fond of "foreign goods". So what better way there is to celebrate this fondness of foreign goods than to call themselves "came from another country"?

Since they are from "elsewhere", and hence superior, these people felt that they had every right to force their language on people in South India. Now, how do you force a language on others? Let us see how this is done.

1. All post office, railway and other departments that are managed by central government prints all their forms, documents in Hindi. Go to a village in Karnataka, and request a money order form, and it has forms printed in Hindi.

2. News will be broadcast and telecast in Hindi, and all TV stations will broadcast them so that people can watch Hindi news.

3. Little courses were started all over India that taught Hindi to people. Degrees like Prathams, Senior, Vidvan, etc are awarded to people who pass these exams.

4. What about schools? Sure, there are Hindi courses that every student has to take and pass.

5. Sport was not left alone. When it was realized that lot of people were listening to Cricket commentary, and the commentary was in English, someone got a bright idea. Hey, give the commentary in Hindi, and everyone will have to learn Hindi. Now, Hindi commentary is compulsory for Cricket, Hockey, and other games.

Some states opposed this, notably Tamilnadu. They refused to broadcast Hindi news. Since the opposition in Tamilnadu was very strong, the government has been unable to anything. This is a good success story.

People of Karnataka, as usual, have been sleeping when all this happened. Some people welcomed this ides, and said "We need a national language". We need drinking water too; we need health facilities too, but somehow, this crooked idea seems to be a very popular one.

After fifty years of Independence, almost every state is in some dispute with its neighboring states about sharing of river water. The best thing for the government would have been to come up with a national water policy for this. But National Language has more priority.

We are a democratic Country, and no one has a right to force a language on someone else. The price South Indians have to pay to call them Indians is to learn another language.

English has been serving us well for over one hundred years, then where is the need to have Hindi as a national language? The sinister design is to wipe out South Indian languages and culture. Hindi is being used as a vehicle in this crusade against the South India.

This problem is further compounded by some of the locals within southern states speaking Urdu and Universities taking a lead in starting Hindi courses to appease political leaders at the center. Now, it is very common for a North Indian to expect a South Indian to know Hindi. If you meet a North Indian, he/she will try to talk to you in Hindi first. If you ignore him/her, he/she will try English. They will never try your local language. These dumb heads don't think that there is a local language existing in this part of the country and that he/she should make an attempt to learn / understand to converse in it. See , after all, they are the masters, don't you understand?

To assert ourselves and to salvage our language from its present state, we need to fight Hindi passionately. Here are a few tips:

1. Erase all Hindi boards and signs in Karnataka.

2. Write to your MPs to raise their voice in the parliament against Hindi.

3. Stop encouraging Hindi films in Karnataka. Hindi movies make a lot of money in Karnataka.

4. When someone talks to you in Hindi, say "I don't understand Bengali" or "I don't understand Gujarathi" or just ignore him.

5. Make rude comments when you hear Hindi commentary, or Hindi news, etc.

6. Write to your MLAs and MPs to take Hindi away from our schools.

7. Learn just two languages, Kannada and English.

Now, Tamilians want to make Tamil also a national language. Because of their loud mouths, and ability to shout the same thing for years together, it may happen one day. So, if we don't fight Hindi now, in future we will have to learn Tamil also. See if you would want your children to learn all arbitrary languages because someone forces them to. If we really value ourselves and our freedom, we need to fight Hindi so that no other state can force another language down our throats.

If we should learn an alien language just to call ourselves Indians, we better not belong to India. If North Indians think that they can force people to learn their languages, we will show to them that we are quite willing to be free from such a country that is not prepared to accept some fundamental truths.

Before Independence India never existed as a country as it is today. The British consolidated all states into one country. As it happened to U.S.S.R, India could easily break up into smaller countries. This will happen because some thick skulled people in north India believe that they can force anything on people.

I rest my case.