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The Horata starts here.....

Any struggle is complete, only when it achieves results. We have been trying not only to voice our concern on Kannada and its current status, but also making efforts to create an envirnoment to encourage that this cause acheive results. To that extent we have made contacts with several like minded people, who share our concern and can take it to the level of implementation.

But, several questions comes to one's mind when we talk of implementation : Will they address/answer all our questions ? Will they stem this assault on our beloved language and help it stand on its feet ? Will there be enough jobs to kannadigas in their mother land ?

We are not making any promises that all the above questions will be answered by these personalities. However, we can assure you that they are the pioneers to fight for the cause of kannada and they will, as kannadigas, share our concerns and do whatever required to give a fitting reply to those who are out to desimate our language and culture.

As allways, we are taking this step to strengthen our hands and we know we have a long way to go in this "journey for justice". You are encouraged to contact these gentlemen whenever you see an injustice being done to kannadigas by anyone, be it an organisation or an authority or a cultural group or even an individual. And again, let us unite and show that we can't be cowed down by any outsiders and we will fight for our rights as only kannadigas can.

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