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Computerization in govt offices to use Kannada

For the crooked response of the Tamilians, see here

A few weeks ago, the Accountant general's office in Bangalore got a set of new employees. But this time, it has a difference. ALL of these are from Tamilnadu. The place of work is Bangalore, and people to work are from another state. The Kannada speaking people in the AG's office are outgared.

This goes on to show that there is a sinister design to crush Kannada speaking people by denying them jobs in their own state. The recruitements took place in Madras.

One crook responsible or this has said the following :

"Kannada speaking people can not pass competitive exams"

The fact is that the Kannada speaking people passed the exam, and they were failed during interviews.

Leading Kannada activists, groups are on strike protesting this outrageous act. The AG's office work is crippled due to this. As before, our dear chief minister has done nothing so far. Busy in guarding his seat, he has again failed people of Karnataka.

This affirms our claim that we do need a local party which ensures that these things do not repeat again.



Tamilians response

The following is a news fragment from the Hindu, an English newspaper which is shamelessly pro-tamil.
We were happy the case was solved using no violence. However, now it may take a different turn.

THE HINDU : PM's intervention sought in Tamils appointment

            Date: 16-02-1999 :: Pg: 01 :: Col: a

            By Our Special Correspondent

            CHENNAI, Feb. 15.

            "Tamil Nadu has sought the intervention of the Prime Minister in
            the issue relating to the cancellation of the appointment of 19
            Tamils in the Accountant General's office in Karnataka.

            Opposition from Kannada chauvinists seems to have resulted in
            the cancellation. Their contention was that for the category of
            posts to which the 19 Tamils were recruited, only Kannada
            knowing persons were normally appointed.

            The selection of the Tamils was on merit by the Staff Selection
            Commission of the Government of India for appointment to
            Group C category, which includes non-gazetted employees,
            such as clerks, UDCs, stenographers and accountants, and
            allocated to Karnataka.

            The selection is made on the basis of a competitive
            examination by the Commission which recruits candidates for
            appointment in various Central Government offices, including
            Central Excise, Customs and AG in the country.

            Enquiries show that there is no stipulation by the Commission
            that the candidates must be qualified or even studied the
            language of the States to which they are posted.

            However, in the case of the 19 Tamils posted to the AG's
            office, stiff opposition and resistance came from the sons
            of the soil. The local staff union raised a hue and cry and it picked
            up momentum with Kannada organisations and writers joining the
            fray. Subsequently, it took political overtones and the Union
            Minister from Karnataka, Mr. Ananth Kumar, took up the issue
            with the Union Home Minister, Mr. L.K. Advani. Also, the
            former Prime Minister from Karnataka, Mr. Deve Gowda,
            urged the Prime Minister, Mr. Vajpayee, to ensure the
            cancellation of the appointment order. Following assurance
            from the Centre on cancellation of the appointments, the AG's
            office staff called off their 40-day-old agitation. In a letter
            to the Prime Minister, Mr.Vajpayee, the Tamil Nadu Chief
            Minister, Mr. Karunanidhi, said the cancellation of
            appointment orders issued to the 19 Tamils in Karnataka was a
            ``blatant violation'' of the provisions of the Constitution and
            the rulings of the Supreme Court. The letter said that the order of
            appointment had been withdrawn by the Staff Selection
            Commission despite an advice given by the Comptroller and
            Auditor General to give them training in Kannada language.
            ``You will agree that the cancellation of order by the Staff
            Selection Commission is not only discriminatory against
            Tamils but also violative of the provisions of the Constitution
            and the laws of the land.''

            As the matter was very sensitive, Mr. Karunanidhi wanted the
            Prime Minister to intervene in the matter immediately and
            instruct the officials concerned to withdraw the cancellation of
            appointment orders forthwith.

            Criticising the cancellation of the appointment, the TMC
            President, Mr. G.K. Moopanar, said, in a statement, that the
            Prime Minister should immediately intervene and correct the
            irregularity.Depriving the Tamils of their appointment was a
            great injustice and violated the provisions of the Constitution
            and the rulings of the Supreme Court that there should be equal
            job opportunity for all. He said the Union Minister of State for
            Personnel, Mr. Kadambur Janardhanan, of the AIADMK,
            should bear the responsibility for the order of the Selection
            Commission which affected the interests of the Tamils".

Our comment

What about our interests?

This is how it is viewed. Their (Tamilians') jobs being taken away. Bangalore is already full of these people. Go to any central government office, and you will find these people there. Are our jobs not being taken away? That too, in our own state? How many non-tamils are working in AG's office in Tamilnadu? Are people routinely sent to Madras from other parts of India to work? Would they tolerate it?

Will they be happy if ALL jobs in Karnataka are given to them? Let others beg?

During Cauvery clashes some years ago Bangalore witnnessed untold violence. Should that repeat again? These people, instead of understanding the sentiments of people of Karnataka, are pressing for their "Constitution guaranteed" job prospects. The constitution promises opportunities for people of Karnataka too.

Write in news papers about this. Inform your friends about what is happening.
Keep visiting our site for updates on this.


Kannada software for all govt offices: KDA chairman

Kannada Development Authority (KDA) Chairman Chandrashekar Patil has said
that Kannada
software would be completely incoporated in the computerisation of all
government offices in a
bid to make Kannada the administrative language.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Prof Patil said Kannada
software packages
called Kannada Kacheri were already under use in 10 departments of various

However, the package was being used on experimental basis for the first one
month and
changes would be made depending on the requirements, he added.

Prof Patil said the Indian Software Laboratory was currently developing the
necessary software
for all offices. Computerisation of the offices would be done in a phased
manner after
developing the ideal software for use of Kannada as official language, he

The software technicians had been provided with background information and
development of
Kannada keyboard was going on, he added.

IT SEMINAR: Prof Patil revealed that a national-level information technology
seminar would
be held in Bangalore in the first week of May to discuss about usage,
research and development
of Kannada software for government offices.

The seminar would be jointly organised by the Kannada Development Authority
and Kannada
and Culture Department with the support of Kannada Ganaka Parishath and
Karnataka Ganaka
Kendra and attended by software experts, he said.

KANNADA LANGUAGE: On the usage of Kannada as administrative language, Prof
said that Kannada was the administrative language now in almost all taluk
and district offices.
And only at ministerial offices, usage of Kannada was less, he noted.

Usage of Kannada as administrative language in government offices had
increased by 60 to 70
per cent, he said.

Prof Patil said that Kannada was being used less in judiciary. A meeting of
judges and Law
Department personnel would soon be convened to discuss the possibilities of
speeding up the
process to use Kannada in courts also, he added.