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Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 13:06:42 -0700 (PDT) Subject: Edu ondu Wontae Kathae Hello! I went thru all the article that you have posted, and I am impressed by the steps you have taken to wake the minds of Kannada people who are dormant or hibernating. As far as I know, we Kannadigas are the Mild kind, and allow other people to take over..." Edu ondu Wontae Kathae tharaha Aagidae". There shud be a strong govt in power to make some rigid rules, that way we cud see some improvement.

I remember coming to B'lore during my summer vacation when I was young, it was such a wonderful place, and it had its charm and cleanliness, but this has been degrading constantly.....why??? Its only becoz nobody belongs to the state or everybody belongs to it. The people of the other states are not interested in the welfare of this state, and we kannadigas are not doing anything abt it, though we belong here.

Its high time we thought differently, our motto shud not be to drive people away, but to make them feel the importance of the State's language. People from other states are proliferating so much, I dunno how we are going to curb this. Good Luck with your mission, I will pass on ur website to as many Kannadigas I know.

Good Luck!!

Our reply : - Kanndigas have to shun the mild nature and understand the ground realities that if the current trend contuines for a while, there will be no kannadigas to speak kannada around them. Everyone will be talking someother language that we will be forced to learn. While we continue to ponder on subjects like cleanliness and make our place a worth living one, we will definately miss the boat to save the language first. We appreciate your thoughts and welcome your efforts to share the URL with other kannadigas. ================================================================= Subject: Hi, Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 15:38:48 +0530 All this can be possible only if atleast 25% of the educted ones in US returns back and educte others. Regds

Our reply : - There are lot of strings attached with that line of thought. Let us hope some one will take the lead. ================================================================= Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 22:22:16 -0700 Subject: horata Hi, i visited your page. It is well thought of and writen. We kannadigas must follow the tips else kannada will be wiped out of karnataka

Our reply : -We appreciate your thoughts ================================================================= Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 17:34:53 -0600 Subject: Great site! Namaskaara,

bahaLa chennaagidhe nimma site!

When and if you decide to add links from your site, I hope you'll keep the following site in mind:

with Kannada song lists and links and images to do with Tumkur.


Our reply : - Thank you sir. We will definately add your URL if we decide to add links. Thanks again ================================================================= Date:Fri, 29 May 1998 13:32:31 -0400 Subject: Hi

Hello there, Visited your page. I agree totally with you. If at all Kannada survives then it is only in small towns and B'lore it is really worst with bloody Tams (Tamilians) screwing our happiness with all the nasty stuff about Kannada and Karnataka.

The worst thing a Kannadiga is tolerating is the fact that these out state guys came to Karnataka, made money then they criticize our language, culture etc.

If at all Kannada remains in B'lore then it is only in couple of areas like Malleshwaram, Rajaji Nagar and some old localities. In so called rich localities there absolutely no Kannada. Even all vendors are from TN.

Keep in touch and let us discuss how we can popularise this issue on the net.


Our reply : Dear Sir, We don't have to tolerate this suppression anymore. Fight them if they threaten our beloved mother tongue. Even animals build a protective nest if their life is threatened. Our mother tongue is threatened and we will not give up so easily. Keep in touch and we will escalate this fight. =================================================================

Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 07:24:22 PDT Subject: could you please your URL on tripod


kannada bhaasheya yelge-gaagi "tripod"-nalli neevu siddha padisiruva gruha-puta (home page) da bagege nanna snehitha-robbarindha vishaya thiliyithu. neevu vahisiruva aasakthi, mundhaaluthva nijakkoo prashamsaarha. varthamaanadhalli kannadigarige iruva para bhaasha kalikeya chaathurya, aasakthi ivugala bhaari durupayoga aagutthidhe.

nooraaru samskruthi, bhaashe-galindha koodiruva namma dhesha anekathe-yalli ekathe-yannu kaanalu vividha maargagalannu sadhaa anusarisutthaa bandhidhe. parabhaashaa kalike ee aneka maarga-galalli ondhu embudhannu namma kannadethara bhaaratheeyaru managaanabeku... idhara bagge aalasya, nirlakshya athi khandaneeya... sarvaroo kannadigarantheye sarva bhaashegala bagge olavu, gaurava thorisuvudhu dheshadha ommathakke pooraka. karnaatakadhalli idhara nidharshana athyagathya.

ivu yellakkintha migilaagi kannadigarindhale kannadadha bagge asadde sahisalu asaadhyavadaddhu. nammalli yeshtu jana mathaa-pithrugalu thamma makkala vidhyaabhyaasadha bagge yochisuvaaga kannada maadhyama vyaasangadha pramukhyatheyannu arithirutthaare...? "ambaari" yemba padhada artha nanna mithraralli anekarige gotthilla.... aadhare mysooru dhasara, aane-gala meravanige yellarigoo gotthu...!!! idhu naachike tharuva vishaya.

nanna ondhu sanna soochane athava abhipraaya yendhare... thamma gruha-putavannu kannadadhalli siddha padisiddhare chinnitthu... ee reethi kannadadhalliye siddha padisuvudhu bahala sulabha... idhakkaagi namma kannada mitthra-raadha sri Sheshaadrivasu avaru ondhu kannada laghuvara (software) vannu siddhapadisiddhare... idhara sadupayoga padisikollabahudhu. ee laghuvara yellarigoo uchithavaagi labhyavidhe.

matthe... thamma parichaya nanagilla... thamma hesaroo kooda gotthilla... haagaagi thamma ee nanna pathrakke dayavittu uttharisi, thamma parichaya maadikodi. dhanyavaadhagalu inthi

Our reply : - Nimma bembala namage sadhaa beku. Nammellara horata - kannadadha eligegaagi. Nimage namma dhanyavadhagalu. ================================================================= Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 08:41:45 -0400 Subject: Kannada

All the articles seem to reflect what I thought for a number of years. The problem lies with us ,Kannadigas. I feel strongly about all the issues written. Parents should make an effort ,especially parents in India,to emphasise communicating in kannada and expose children to the great works in our great language. I have been in this country for a long time and each time I visit India I hear less of Kannada. Everybody I meet reply in English when I talk to them in kannada.Kannadigas talking to each other in English/or any other language is a disgrace.

Emphasis on compulsory education of children and exposure to kannada and instilling pride in them about our mother tongue will probably the best way to go.

Our reply : -Thanks for your comments. There are so many routes to enchance and spread the cause of kannada. We welcome your thoughts on this. ================================================================= Subject: Comments...... Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 09:32:04 PDT

Dear brother/sister

I am expressing my views here, after seeing your

The contents are very nice, I learnt a lot from this one.

1. First we need to remember as we are the humans. If possible add the following contents which useful to all

a. Please forget the 1. cast feelings, 2. regional feelings, 3. language feelings, 4. any feeling harmful to our inner peace. b. We need to review our selfs with Vivekananda's Mahatma Gandhiji's, Bhagavad Geeta ..... ideas.

2. Who ever the other person(if he is not harmfull to us) we need to help to him(with in our limits). After seein the following lines I felt a little bit unhappy.

"Next time anyone asks you any question in Hindi, ignore him/her, and shake your head and shrugg. Do not waste your money seeing Hindi movies.

If anyone talks to you in Tamil, ignore them. If they ask you a question, or for directions, just ignore them, or say something in Kannada. "

3. I came from Andhra Pradesh. I went to one kannada teacher(gent), to learn kannada, I given 100/- per month. He didn't taught me well. After one month I discontinued. I didn't satisfied with him. and I felt unhappy. Actually I like Kannada well. I asked my office mets to teach kannada, nobody come to front, to teach me kannada in their spare time.

Show me some friends who teach me kannada around Mathekere. Because I am staying in Mathekere.

If anybody aske me to teach Telugu, I will give books at free of cost and I teach with joy.

4. Up to my graduation I studied in Telugu. My English is poor.If there is any mistakes please correct me.

5. If there is any mistakes in my views, please give your feed back. I am allways ready to correct my self.

I am waiting for your reply....

with love,

Our reply : -Dear sir, We wish we could help you on learning kannada. The best way to learn any language is to talk it more and more. We all learned English only by our persistence. We appreciate your efforts to learn kannada. Please talk it and you will learn it. We don't have any comments on cast and creed of people. Our articles depict only the current status of kannada language and what we need to do to save it. thank you. ================================================================= Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 10:38:52 -0500 Subject: Mannina maganige sahasra namanagalu ... hi I was thinking of coming up with some inspirational web site like this for our so called Kannadigas.....U did it before me! Cheers !! & hats off to Ur effort to unite our people. I'll write more later.I need Ur contacts also.


Our reply : -Thank you so much. It belongs to all of us and its our fight. We all share this as a cause to save and enhance our language. Please keep writing to us. ================================================================= Subject: My comments about your Kannada site Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 12:40:13 +0100

To who so ever it may concern,

My name is Krishna. I am a kannadiga. I really appreciate your effort in uplifting KANNADA in Karnataka. I would like to suggest you one or two points in documenting various essays. It is right that people should speak only Kannada in Karnataka. But sadly, it is not so. This is because of the enormous number of people rushing from the neighbouring states into Karnataka. They form their own group here and start speaking in their respective vernaculars. Even for that matter, Kannadigas, when they go to other states and if in a group speak in Kannada. But, for this; I am not for encouraging non-kannadigas to speak in their respective languages. The point is, all the essays should be documented such that non-kannadigas start developing an interest towards Kannada and admire the rich heritage of Karnataka. Instead of emphasizing this in the essays, all essays are written to provoke non-kannadigas. If non-kannadigas are targetted in such a point-blank manner, I don't feel that this will be of great help. One more way is that, a global rule must be introduced in Karnataka that everybody should follow only Kannada. But, in the present senario, I feel this is not possible. So, the only way left out is to slowly develop a liking for Kannada in the minds of non-kannadigas. Even if two out of hundred try and speak Kannada, it will definitely help us in the long-run. I am writing this from my Sherwood office in United Kingdom.

Our reply : - Dear Sir, First off thank you for your comments and thoughts. Our intention when we created this site is to fight for kannada. That ofcourse causes lot of pain and anguish in non-kannadigas and even within kannada speaking people. But we are past the stage where we could have shown more restraint. Our thought of line is not to make this a encyclopedia for others to learn kannada. We appreciate your thoughts, but unfortunately we can't provide background on kannada literature. There are lot of ways and means people can learn a language, like a child immitating parents and learning. Whatever we do it is for the good of kannada language. Thank you. =================================================================

Date:Wed, 27 May 1998 16:58:10 +0530 Subject: Kannadigas

Dear Kannada Horatagara, I am an Indian! I have my roots in a place I think even my grandparents have never seen, their parents were originally from Andhra Pradesh. My father was in a transferable job and my brothers and I were born in B'lore( where my grandparents had settled) and grew up in Madras, Ahmedabd and Bombay. My grandparents could speak, read and write Kannada and Telugu, besides English in the case of both grandfathers. In fact my paternal garnd-father was a Kannada professor at the university level. My father could speak read and write Kannada, Hindi and English. He could speak Telugu and Tamil. My Mother added a working knowledge of Marathi to her repertoire. I have have settled down in Bangalore since marriage 15 years ago, I speak,read, and write English, Hindi, Marathi fluently. I can read Gujarati and Kannada slowly, the latter a little better than the former because I have had more practice over the years spent here! I still faced hostility from a Kannadiga colleague when I expressed difficulty in reading Kannada forms( do you know the RTO now prints its forms ONLY in Kannda), just because I speak Kannada fluently it is assumed that I am a Kanndiga! I do not object to being mistaken for a Kannadiga, but knowing that I was born and brought up(almost) in the North of India, she still expected me to be able to read Kannada as fluently and easily as one who had the advantage of studying it right through school!Is she a fanatic? Or is she just rude? Is she a Kannadiga? Please let us look for jobs in other states if there none here, I found a job easily enough in Gujerat without any state related bias! Let us be proud of being Indians and not descend to the same level as bigots from neighbouring states! I guess by your rules my grandfather should have shipped his offspring back to Andhra as soon as he had them! I understand the warmth of your feelings but just verbalise and leave it at that. with warm regards, An Indian, and proud to be one!

Our reply : - Everyone born in India is Indian and we don't dispute that. Our motto is not to kick people out of karnataka, if people have the heart to respect and mingle with kannadigas. If you wish, brand us as fanatics. Your colleague may be right in her own way. You could expect this from anybody in any other state. We are happy that your grandfather didn't pack his bags and leave Karnataka. We are in "fighting for survival" phase and we can't show restraint in in a war zone. Thanks for your thoughts. ================================================================= Subject: Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 03:57:28 PDT

Hello kuvara, Very nice to see the web page about hard truths you talked about "PAKANDI" KANNADIGAS. I am also a kannadiga from mysore and I feel the only reason for this is lack of love and killer instinct needed by kannadigas and also "A TYPICAL KANNADIGA" is one who forgets everything AND OTHERS when his stomach is filled. Don't worry!!! all these non-kannadigas will be given suitable punishment when the time comes. Currently i am working in Verifone bangalore. Regards,

Our reply : -Thanks for your comments! Let us fight for the cause of kannada with a united voice. ================================================================= Subject:Horata Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 11:58:01 PDT

Horata Home Page noDde. Olle kelasa. "Nimma" horatakke namma bembala...innu munde idu "Namma" horata!!

Our reply : - Nimma bembala namage hosa shakthi thandide. Adakke namma dhanyavaadagalu. Idhu nammellara horata. Please feel free to send your thoughts frequently. =================================================================

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