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Venka,Naani and Seena's Top ten..

10. why didn't our leaders talk about kannada to be a national language when everyone else did ?

9. Which language songs are played most during Kannada Rajyotsava celebrations ?

8. Why do Software companies in Bangalore go to IIT-Madras or REC-Trichy to recruit fresh software engineers ?

7. Which is the most commonly spoken language in Bangalore airport/railway station and bus station ?

6. What name will bangalore acquire after 2010 if a resolution is passed to change the name based on most commonly used language ?

5. How many jobs are given to kannadigas in karnataka even though they are qualified for the jobs ?

4. What percentage of new bangaloreans know about what bangalore was called during kempe gowda's time ?

3. How many convent schools teach kannada for kids in the primary school ?

2. How many boards in bangalore are in either english or some other language other than kannada ?

1. What is border-mania ? How to contain it ?

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